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The Negotiator explores how political and humanitarian conflicts which affect the modern world can be resolved. Thatís why the film is set against two specific examples: the Colombian peace process which is only now, after more than fifty years, heading towards an end, and the still raging civil war in Somalia, which since 1991 has turned the country into a failed state. These two crises are the past and present on which the personal story of Jordi Raich, international aid worker and senior official of the International Committee of the Red Cross, hinges. The film will be a firsthand account of how he works, from the
sidelines to open up a possible path to a peaceful settlement.
-Title: The Negotiator (working title)
-Directed by: Rosalind Bain
-Producers: Josep Morell & Jordi Vilar / Ottokar
-Co-Producers: First Hand Films & Antaviana Films
-International Management: Efímero Films
-Language: English/Spanish
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Is it true that military operations provide a safer environment to humanitarian action and better access to populations in need? Humanitarianism is characterized by its independence and neutrality, while military operations always respond to political interests. Two opposed and yet interconnected realities that create tensions and worry many humanitarian agencies and aid workers. A challenge that deserves further analysis and debate.
-Title: Humanitarismo militar, militarismo humanitario
-Co-author: Jordi Raich
-Publisher: Centre Delàs 2007
-Language: Spanish
-Pages: 144
-ISBN: 84-611-9498-8
-Contents: Humanitarismo militar, militarismo...
-Download: Humanitarismo militar... (pdf - 799 KB)
Conflict prevention is a challenging concept for the media because journalists work mostly on current affairs, reporting what is going on now but not trying to change the course of events. Yet, the media can play a crucial role in conflict prevention by providing swift and reliable information about emerging or potential conflicts. This knowledge is vital to understand the feasibility of conflict prevention.
-Title: Before Emergency: Conflict Prevention and the Media
-Co-author: Jordi Raich
-Publisher: University of Deusto 2003
-Language: English
-Pages: 200
-ISBN: 84-7485-906-9
-Contents: Before Emergency...
-Download: Before Emergency... (pdf - 828 KB)
This book aims at enriching the quality and diversity of the humanitarian debate while exploring the challenges, dilemmas and contradictions of humanitarianism and its actors. Amongst other topics, El laberinto humanitario explores our moral values, the finances of aid and the prevention of conflicts. A provocative volume written by relief workers, politicians, donors, philosophers, CEOs, journalists, anthropologists and military officers.
-Title: El laberinto humanitario
-Edited by: Jordi Raich
-Publisher: Acento-Médicos Sin Fronteras 1999
-Language: Spanish
-Pages: 217
-ISBN: 84-483-0421-7
-Contents: El laberinto humanitario
-Download: El laberinto humanitario (pdf - 800 KB)
Els viatgers de la gran anaconda is a radio program which uses the experience of travelling to explore human and physical 'landscapes' from all over the world. Through the tales of travellers, the program aims at facilitating the discovery of far away social, cultural and political realities and, by comparison, foster a better understanding of ourselves. El viatgers de la gran anaconda wishes to be an open window to help listeners look beyond our cultural horizon and thus put into perspective who we are. Jordi Raich's features, compiled in the book Guerres de Plàstic -Plastic Wars- (Cossetània 2008), take us to the surreal and paradoxical social reality of Palestine and Israel.
-Title: El viatgers de la gran anaconda
-Radio Station: Catalunya Ràdio
-Schedule: Sundays 06:00 AM-07:00 AM LT
-Presented by: Toni Arbonès
-Features by: Jordi Raich
-Language: Catalan
-Format: Audio MP3
-Run Time: aprox. 05 min
-Size: aprox. 05 MB

Con ánimo de lucro is a documentary about poverty in the so-called Third and First Worlds. It analyses both societies from the perspectives of the NGOs, the media, the education establishment, the politicians and the religion, and it challenges the UN eight objectives for the new millennium. Con ánimo de lucro will make you think about your attitude and the potential for change that a single individual may have. The documentary was filmed in Nicaragua and Barcelona.
"When I started thinking about the documentary I was told about a book: El Espejismo Humanitario, written by
Jordi Raich. That book became the backbone of the documentary, it influenced its structure, my thinking, and my own life." Joan Planas (Director and Producer).

-Title: Con ánimo de lucro
-Directed by: Joan Planas
-Language: Spanish
-Run Time: 31 min (Video)
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-Download: Con ánimo de lucro (WMV - 59 MB)
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